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When placing or seeking geocaches, I will:

  1.      Not endanger myself or others

   2.      Observe all laws & rules of the area

   3.      Respect property rights and seek permission where appropriate

   4.      Avoid causing disruptions or public alarm

   5.      Minimize my and others' impact on the environment

   6.      Be considerate of others

   7.      Protect the integrity of the game pieces

The Geocachers' Creed is designed to help orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations, so that everyone can enjoy geocaching!  (MORE)

This is the Geocachers’ Creed adopted to give guidelines on “how” to geocache in a “Safe, Ethical, and Legal” manner. This creed is found at www.geocreed.info. You can find the creed along with examples and downloadables.

The Geocachers Creed